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Tetra Pak and WWF-Vietnam restore degraded forests in Lang Sen Wetlands

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05 September 2017
A long-time member of both the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and WWF Global Forest & Trade Network, Tetra Pak - the world's leading food processing and packaging solutions company - is no stranger to sustainability commitment.

All paperboard sourced by Tetra Pak for its packages now comes from wood from FSC-certified forests and other controlled sources. In 2016, more than 188 billion FSC-labelled packages were delivered globally.

FSC - Forest for all
July 2017, Tetra Pak started its partnership with WWF to restore the degraded forests that are critical to wildlife habitats and human living conditions in Lang Set Wetland Reserve areas, in alignment with its commitment on environmental sustainability.

Lang Sen Wetland Reserve (LSWR), located in Long An province, covers an area of 5,030 ha, the second largest area of what remains of the Plain of Reed, and provides essential natural resources and ecosystem services to 9,000 local people.

In 2015, LSWR was officially recognized as the 7th RAMSAR site (an internationally significant wetland) in Vietnam and the 2227th in the world.

Degraded melaleuca forests    Degraded melaleuca forests
Figure 1: Melaleuca forests are degraded and die off in the LSWR

By planting 4,800 thorny bamboo (Bambusa Bambos) trees on an area of approximately 6 ha, the partnership aims to restore degraded forests to provide favourable conditions for local wildlife, improve regulated water capacity of the Wetland, and provide non-timber products to support poor and near-poor community members.

The project begins the 1st period of planting during August – September. In November 2017, Tetra Pak employees will have the opportunity to experience the on-the-ground, daily conservation work at Lang Sen Wetland Reserve to contribute their efforts in sustainable development.

Also as part of the new partnership, WWF and Tetra Pak commit to raise consumers’ awareness on greener packaging and recycling practice for paper package in Vietnam.
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