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About us

WWF was one of the first international non-government organizations working in Vietnam.

In the 1990s, WWF began working on a national conservation strategy; and since then has worked closely with the Vietnamese government on a diverse range of environmental issues and implemented field activities across the country.

Based in Hanoi, the WWF Indochina Programme expanded its operations into Cambodia [since 1993] and Lao PDR [since 1997]. In 2006 WWF-Thailand joined WWF Indochina to form the WWF-Greater Mekong. And in 2014, WWF-Greater Mekong opened the 5th office in Yangon, Myanmar. WWF-Vietnam is the implementing arm for projects in Vietnam.

WWF-Vietnam’s Mission and Vision

Alongside all WWF offices around the world, our Mission remains: to stop the degradation of Vietnam’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. As outlined in our FY2015-2020 Strategic Plan, in order to realise this mission WWF Vietnam, has developed a 2030 Vision where:
  1. Humanity’s footprint stays within Vietnam’s capacity to sustain the full diversity of species and ecosystems, and the key services they provide, contributing to a more secure and sustainable future.
  2. The ecological integrity and biodiversity of Vietnam’s priority areas are maintained and restored, playing a critical role in conserving the overall ecological integrity of the Greater Mekong.
WWF-Vietnam is recognised as the leading conservation organisation in the country, strongly rooted in Vietnam, bringing solutions and support to government and other key players to meet the country’s development challenges.

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