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Working with business in Vietnam

FSC logo painted on sustainable harvested logs. Uzachi forest, Oaxaca, Mexico
© N.C. Turner / WWF
Humankind is currently using 1.5 times more than the ecological capacity of the Earth.
The worldwide population is growing and living at a rate exceeding our means and our planet’s ecological limits. Businesses, being the key driver of global economy and having strong influence, have not only the responsibility, but also the power, to ensure the sustainability of natural resources and ecosystems.

Graph: Our demand for ecological resources are more than 1.5 the Earth can provide

WWF therefore works with hundreds of companies globally – from consumer goods giants to leading banks – to help:

1. Reduce their ecological footprint

2. Encourage sector and market shifts towards sustainable solutions

3. Redirect financial flows to support conservation and sustainable ecosystem management

4. Accelerate necessary policy changes for a sustainable future

As part of the network, WWF-Vietnam constantly cooperates with the private sector, working on a wide range of projects to protect ecosystems and enhance sustainable development in Vietnam.

How WWF works with businesses in Vietnam

Generally, WWF works with companies in three ways

1.      Driving sustainable business practices

WWF supports companies to improve operations and value chains to achieve sustainability in various fields: Water stewardship, Aquaculture stewardship, Forest stewardship, efficient resources management, and more.

2.       Communications and awareness raising activities

Co-organizing campaigns with companies, WWF raises awareness amongst their consumers about key environmental issues and encourages their actions.

3.       Philanthropic relationship

Through bilateral relationships with companies, WWF raises funds for the conservation of key endangered species and ecosystems, which largely affect local communities and their livelihoods.

Our Core Principles

WWF's approach to working with the private sector is constructive and solutions-oriented. It is both collaborative in its methods, rigorous in its standards, and challenging in its objectives.

Our guiding principles for corporate engagement are:

1. Measurable results that support our conservation objectives

2. Transparency

3. The right to public commentary