WWF was one of the first international non-government organizations working in Vietnam.

In the 1990s, WWF began working on a national conservation strategy, and since then has worked closely with the Vietnamese government on a diverse range of environmental issues and implemented field activities across the country.


Volunteers planting tree in Lang Sen Wetland Reserve

INTEL and WWF Extends Goals of Restoring Forests and Ensuring Livelihoods in Lang Sen

On 4th and 9th December 2017, 270 Intel volunteers will join the reforestation activities with the Lang Sen Wetland Reserve and local community.

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Crafted ivory sold openly at Golden Triangle

WWF’s ‘Most Wanted’ List Highlights 10 of the Most Widely Traded Endangered Species in the Markets of the Golden Triangle

Tigers, elephants, bears and pangolin are four of the most widely traded species in the Golden Triangle -- the border area where Thailand, Laos and ...

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ASEAN banks the missing link in addressing region’s FLAWS: FORESTS, LANDSCAPES, CLIMATE, WATER and SOCIETIES

Urgent action needed by ASEAN’s banking sector to achieve climate change and sustainable development goals

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Lang Sen Nature Reserve

Tetra Pak and WWF-Vietnam restore degraded forests in Lang Sen Wetlands

July 2017, Tetra Pak started its partnership with WWF to restore the degraded forests that are critical to wildlife habitats and human living ...

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Working with Scansia Pacific and IKEA has helped Phú Lộc’s smallholders to become FSC-certified.

Multinationals and local smallholders join forces for sustainable forestry in Vietnam

While some multinationals, like Ikea, strive to create more sustainable supply chains, our forests’ future may really be in the hands of the millions ...

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A saola calf

World Saola Day: Conservationists Aim to Establish First Breeding Program for Asian “Unicorn”

Collaborative Program Will Complement Ongoing Habitat Protection and Anti-Poaching Efforts to Save One of World’s Rarest Mammals

09 Jul 2017 Read more »

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