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WWF Hanoi Office goes solar

Posted on 19 August 2019
Solar panels on WWF-Vietnam's Hanoi office
© WWF-Vietnam
WWF-Vietnam recently installed an 8.19 kilowatt (kW) solar power system on the roof of its Hanoi headquarters, joining WWF’s pioneering global initiative switching its offices to solar power and efficient energy.

The solar system is expected to generate around 10,000kWh per year and, together with the office’s energy efficiency commitments, is expected to save about 50% of the office’s energy consumption. Going solar will also reduce the office reliance on the electricity network, which often cuts-out in peak periods during summer. And more importantly, it is a cheap and clean source of energy and is a key solution to combat climate change.    
The increasing threats of climate change are very real - whether it is sea level rise in the Mekong Delta, longer and more frequent droughts, or floods on the central coast. Vietnam was the world’s sixth most vulnerable country to climate change in 2017 (of about 180 countries).

Climate change impacts will only increase if Vietnam continues to rely heavily on fossil fuels for its energy production. WWF’s vision for Vietnam’s power sector shows that another future is possible, where a diverse mix of renewable energy (RE) can meet nearly all of the Greater Mekong region’s electricity demand by 2050.
Solar power is at the core of Vietnam’s transition towards a climate-friendly and low-carbon economy. It generates clean and reliable electricity that reduces fossil fuel dependence while also meeting Vietnam’s growing energy demands. 

With this advantage, solar power will play a key role in implementing Vietnam’s energy and climate change policies. Increasing the ambition for RE in Vietnam’s energy policies will provide even more opportunity to accelerate the uptake and benefits of RE. RE is also central to delivering on Vietnam’s international commitment to reduce its carbon emissions by 25% by 2030 under the Paris Agreement in order to avoid catastrophic climate change. 
“We hope that our efforts in energy efficiency and solar energy in our office can be a source of inspiration and experience to others. By installing solar and adopting more energy efficient practices, you too can play a role in driving more sustainable, low-carbon development across the country – saving energy, saving money and helping to save the environment”, said Ms. Pham Cam Nhung, Head of Energy program of WWF-Vietnam.

In fact, leading companies are already taking climate action. WWF is commencing a new RE project that mobilises climate champions in the corporate sector. The project will help corporate partners to consider the benefits of RE solutions, and amplify their voices and buying power to accelerate the uptake of RE. 
Hanoi is the second offices of WWF-Vietnam going solar. In 2018, WWF-Vietnam installed a 5 kilowatt solar photovoltaic system on the roof of its office in Hue city saving around 1,536 USD in electricity purchase costs avoided in the first year alone.

The solar power installation is part of WWF UPFRONT, WWF’s Solar and Energy Efficient Office Initiative. The initiative provides energy efficiency training to staff and solar electricity systems to almost 40 WWF offices across the globe, and more offices are joining this initiative.
Solar panels on WWF-Vietnam's Hanoi office
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