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Formation of the Vietnam Coalition for Climate Action

Posted on 23 August 2019
Members of the VCCA on the launching day
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HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam (23 August, 2019)  – As world leaders get ready to meet in New York at the Climate Summit convened by the United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres in September, Vietnamese leaders from businesses, financial institutions, universities, communities and civil society have established the Vietnam Coalition for Climate Action (VCCA), vowing to accelerate low-carbon development in Vietnam powered by renewable energy and its co-benefits for cities, rural communities as well as farmers to help the country deliver on its climate goals.  
There is still a huge gap between Vietnam’s national emissions reductions targets and the Paris Agreement’s 1.5°C temperature goal. Closing this gap through enhanced climate targets by 2020 and ramped up climate action is essential to safeguard the future of Vietnam and the world. 
As a developing country with growing energy and electricity needs, Vietnam led the world in carbon emissions growth in 2018, and its plans to increase the number of coal power plants to 51 by 2030 will see the country’s emissions continue to soar.  Yet, Vietnam has significant opportunities to bypass fossil fuels and address the country’s growing energy needs with renewable energy, and to adopt other low-carbon climate-resilient solutions to support a thriving Vietnamese society.
Only through a win-win collaboration among the national government, subnational and non-state actors, and citizens of Vietnam can we create prosperity while urgently reducing its greenhouse gas emissions. 
Nguy Thi KHANH Executive Director of GreenID said: “Saving our planet is an urgent task for everyone. I strongly believe that the private sector, financiers, local authorities and communities have a crucial role in designing and executing innovative action for our energy transition and climate-resilience economy. We must come together and join hands in this coalition to show our support for the government’s efforts to build the pathway for low-carbon development in Vietnam.” 
The Coalition sees development opportunities in a low-carbon climate-resilient economy, and stand ready to support it. They are committed to taking action individually and collaboratively, engage the Vietnamese public on the opportunities and urgency, and work constructively with the Vietnamese government to identify and put in place the policies that will allow subnational and non-state actors to help the country meet its climate goals. 
Dr. Van Ngoc Thinh, Country Director of WWF-Vietnam said “Climate change poses a real threat to the natural environment that supports all of humanity and the critical habitats that we work to protect. WWF-Vietnam is proud to be a founder of the VCCA and I applaud our founders on their commitment to take action. I call on all committed leaders from across the private sector, universities, subnational governments and civil society to join the VCCA to take climate action”.
The Coalition will focus on key sectors of the economy, starting with the energy sector which is both critical for Vietnam’s long-term development and currently responsible for the largest share of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions. The Coalition’s action-oriented focus will include championing the massive adoption of renewable energy and energy efficiency measures by commercial and residential buildings, in collaboration with the Million Green Homes Initiative. At the same time, the Coalition will also promote different programs such as smart cities, green production and dual use of agriculture land and renewable energy. 
The actions of the Coalition are facilitated by GreenID and WWF-Vietnam, under the umbrella of Alliances for Climate Action and with partial financial support of the SHIFT SEA Project. The Coalition is a member of Alliances for Climate Action, a global network of domestic multi-stakeholder coalitions committed to supporting the delivery and enhancement of their countries’ climate goals, and collaborating to build the groundswell of climate action across the world.  
Members of the VCCA on the launching day
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