Southern Annamites

Deep within the forest at Cat Tien National Park in Vietnam.
© WWF Greater Mekong
Dominated by Da Lat plateau in Southern Vietnam and is geographically the transitional zone from the Central Highland in the upstream to the Mekong River Delta in the down stream,  the landscape was once home to a very rich biodiversity and many of the countries’ rare and endemic species, such as a sub-species of Javan Rhino, which until its extinction in late 2011 found its home only in Cat Tien National Park (CTNP), the Greater Annamites endemic Yellow Cheeked Crested Gibbon, or one endemic pine tree species found only in Dalat Plateau but nowhere else in the world.

Over the past 15 years, WWF has been putting great efforts and financial contribution to conserve the biodiversity of Cat Tien National Park (CTNP), as well as other high conservation valued forests and endangered species in the landscape. Over time, the interventions have been broadened, from direct support of forest management units to also indirect biodiversity conservation, through supporting the livelihood of the local communities living in and around the forests, so that they are less dependent upon forest resource,

For the years to come, WWF will continue to support development of community-based eco-toursim, as well as strengthening of local capacity in this landscape for protection and conservation of forested corridors between the biodiversity hotspots