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Celebrating Earth Hour
What can you do to take part in this Earth Hour?

In view of the ongoing health crisis as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, WWF encourages you to celebrate Earth Hour 2022 online and at home. The following are some suggested activities that you can do to show your commitment to save our planet during Earth Hour:


Switch off

Remind your friends and family to switch off their non-essential lights and all other unnecessary electrical appliances during Earth Hour and beyond;


Social media

Like, share and follow WWF-Viet Nam Fanpage to get the latest updates of Earth Hour 2022.


Get more knowledge

Watch the virtual reality Earth Hour Exhibition (in Vietnamese) organised by the Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment to learn more about today’s biggest environmental issues in Viet Nam and around the world, and what you can do to protect the environment in your neighborhood and around the globe! 

If you are

  • Candlelit dinner: Cook a vegeterian feast and enjoy it with your loved ones in the candle lights!
  • Go stargazing: How long has it been since the last time you enjoyed a romantic and peaceful stargazing evening just like when you were a kid? This is a great opportunity to put your phone away and revive the memories with your friends and family!
  • Night walk or jogGo on a night cycling adventure and explore your neighbourhood with your buddies. Take a ride under the night sky, enjoy the cool breeze and appreciate nature all around you.
  • Catch the lights-off moment! Find a good vantage point of your city skyline and watch the lights-off moment at 8:30 pm your local time! If you're into photography, try some time-lapse shots and share with your friends, tagging #EarthHour2022, #ShapeOurFuture
  • Stay in! Organise a night of board games or book readings.
  • Movie night! Whether eco films, nature documentaries, or even Hollywood blockbusters set in the outdoors, take an hour or two to appreciate nature in all its glory! You can also check out WWF's Our Planet series on Netflix to explore natural wonders, unique creatures in wildlife, and the major issues that are threatening their lives!

  • Switch off: Turn off the lights and unnecessary electrical appliances in your offices during and beyond Earth Hour.
  • Spread Earth Hour message Share Earth Hour's messages on your social media, business channels, and let people know why your organization/company/business is celebrating Earth Hour. Encourage employees to follow. 
  • Use social networks: Follow WWF-Viet Nam’s Facebook page and visit our website for updates and information about Earth Hour. Use hashtag #EarthHour2022, #ShapeOurFuture to help spread the messages.
  • Become a local champion for Earth Hour: Vote for an Earth Hour ambassador in your company. These champions will be responsible for ensuring that lights and electrical appliances will be turned off not only during Earth Hour but also after every working day.
  • Vote and Honor your Hero of Nature: Open an election for staff to vote for the company hero(es) for Nature and honor them with a (small) gift.

  • Swapping and exchange party: Organize an online swapping event for your friends. Trade books, clothes, and more! If possible, try to engage more people!
  • Take a walk in the park or natural space: Immersing yourself in nature will bring you a sense of enjoyment and comfort. Leave your electronic devices at home. Look at the scenery, listen to the sounds of nature, engage in some nature arts, i.e. drawing the things you see.
  • Green life challenge: Come up with environmentally friendly challenges, such as: no plastic bags, no plastic straws, don’t buy new clothes for 2 months and challenge your friends to do the same on social media!