New Report on State of the World’s FIPs Released

Posted on 01 April 2020

The 2020 Global Landscape Review of FIPs was released by CEA Consulting on March 25th 2020.  Commissioned by The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Walton Family Foundation, and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and authored by CEA Consulting, the report assesses the current state of play for FIPs worldwide, describing how the FIP landscape has evolved, and highlighting areas for improvement and further action.

More than 250 FIP implementers and stakeholders participated in the review, which provided key insights into factors for success in FIP implementation, as well as constraints.  Key findings from the report include:
  • FIPs continue to grow in popularity (and diversity of fisheries), from 83 active FIPs in 2014 to 136 in 2019
  • Industry support of FIPs has increased, with seafood companies now leading at least 70 FIPs, more than any other implementer
  • FIPs are being implemented in increasingly difficult fisheries (i.e. in the developing world) which affects the time it takes to achieve their objectives. In countries with weak fishery management capacity, achieving sustainable performance may take 10 years or more
  • Support systems, such as the website FisheryProgress and Sustainable Fisheries Partnership’s FIP ratings, have developed rapidly to provide industry with information to evaluate FIP progress.

The Viet Nam Yellowfin Tuna FIP Coordination Unit will utilize these results, applying relevant lessons learned and using the findings (as well as its guiding research questions) as a comparative gauge and tool in communicating FIP achievements, gaps and priorities.

Click here to download the full report, a detailed summary for FIP implementers, and an executive summary for the seafood industry. The summaries are available in Bahasa Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish in addition to English.
Tuna fishing boat unloading their catch. Gorontalo, North Sulawesi.
© Jürgen Freund / WWF