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WWF-Viet Nam: Tender Ref. 06/21

Posted on 23 September 2020

WWF-Viet Nam: Tender Ref. 06/21 “Producing short Video on Greening the Vietnam’s Textile Sector”
We are looking for a professional consultant (individual or firm) to carry out the design and production of a short Video on greening the Vietnam’s textile sector.

1. Background
The textile sector is one of the key drivers of Viet Nam’s economy. It is also a heavy energy user and abstractor and polluter of water, as sections of its supply chain Viet Nam require significant water for wet processing. This in turn generates highly polluted wastewater from chemical dying, and consume large amounts of energy to boil water and to run machinery. This sector aims to transform its current reputation from being “low cost and environmentally harmful Viet Nam” to being “sustainably ‘Made in Viet Nam,’” in order to attract further foreign investment and gain a competitive business edge in the global market.
Sponsored by SDC, HSBC, and Tommy Hilfiger, WWF is working with the national partners, including Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT), Viet Nam Textile and Apparel Association (VITAS), Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), along with other sectoral and international partners, to transform the textile sector in Viet Nam. By engaging textile and garment producers on sectoral and environmental governances, WWF hopes to bring social, economic, and conservation benefits to the country and the entire Mekong region.
In Viet Nam, we have seen companies that are adapting technology and strive for cleaner production processes. These models need to be known and inspire other companies in the sector to follow. Hence, WWF and its partner, VITAS, is looking for a competent consultant (or company) to produce a short film to capture best practices of textile company in water and energy usage.

2. Scope of Works:
  • Study the film brief provided by WWF and the organisation’s brand guidelines and film styles;
  • Propose 01 film concept with a production script and storyboard
  • Write, edit and revise scripts/story outlines/storyboard of the videos in close collaboration with WWF-Vietnam and VITAS;
  • Develop a shooting schedule and outline of the video production in consultation with WWF and VITAS;
  • Conduct audio/video recording on locations in close cooperation with WWF and VITAS.
  • Location: Thai Binh province; Thai Nguyen province; Dong Nai; Binh Duong;
  • Edit and finalize video clips in close collaboration with WWF and VITAS, including subtitles and title sequences, soundtrack, editing of English narration audio.
3. Deliverables:
  • 1 short video (4 to 5 minutes) for inspiring the textile and fashion supply chain on green transformation (provisional title)
  • Language: 01 copy with voiceover in Vietnamese and subtitle in English
  • B-roll footage (raw video roll + time-coded shoot lists)
4. Timeline: October - November, 2020 
5. Qualifications:
  • Proven experience in producing video productions with non-government organizations, preferably environmental conservation;
  • Demonstrate attractive professional portfolio and broadcast industry standard quality;
  • Well equipped with professional grade audio visual recording equipment, necessary for the project (i.e. underwater filming and flycam use);
  • Proven post production experience in editing, sound design and motion graphics;
  • Adhere to the communication requirements of WWF;
  • Ability to provide legal tax invoices in Viet Nam;
  • Competent to produce and edit in Vietnamese and English;
  • A creative, passionate storyteller;
  • Good understanding of new and evolving technologies and digital platforms
 6. How to apply 
Detailed Terms of Reference for the Assignment is attached.
Interested consultants should submit their Proposal by email to ngan.nguyenphuong@wwf.org.vn, clearly indicating email subject of the tender reference “Tender Ref 06/21 - Producing short Video on Greening the Vietnam’s Textile Sector”. Please kindly note that each email submission may not exceed 25MB in size.
Deadline for submission is 4PM, 4th October 2020, Hanoi time.
“WWF is an equal opportunity employer and committed to having a diverse workforce.”