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DFCD Central Annamites Landscape

High biodiversity: Located in Southeast Asia, the Central Annamites region has the largest continuous natural forests in Asia. It is considered to be an important biodiversity corridor and is home to over 134 species of mammal and more than 500 species of bird. It is also home to a number of endemic species, including the saola, the giant muntjac, the Truong Son muntjac, Owston’s palm civet, crested argus, and the Annamite striped rabbit.

Goals: By the time the pilot phase ends in June 2021, 4 to 5 project initiatives with potential to access finance will enter into phase 1 (project proposal preparation). There are currently 4 initiatives that have been selected for appraisal, which include:


Projects to be approved

The ‘Intercropping indigenous plants in 500 hectares of coffee to provide shade and improve coffee productivity’ project was initiated by the Hoi An Roastery Company and hundreds of farmers in mountainous areas of Quang Tri Province (loan size: €5 million).

Potential projects

  • The ‘Producing and supplying seeds, planting and processing Ngoc Linh ginseng for functional products’ project in Quang Nam was initiated by the Sam Sam Company (loan size: €9 million).
  • The ‘Expanding factories that process certified plantation wood in combination with solar energy, producing plant varieties by tissue culture technology, and connecting farmers to expanded areas for certified acacia wood’ project was initiated by the Quang Nam Forestry Company (QNAFOR) in Quang Nam Province (loan size: €8 million).