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DFCD Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta is vulnerable to many climate change impacts including soil salinity, drought, land subsidence and biodiversity loss. Despite being a key agricultural – fishery production area for the whole country, the current production in the Mekong Delta remains fragmented and limited to small scale operations. Therefore, investment projects with access to green finance are truly needed for the Mekong Delta's sustainable development.


Ongoing Projects

Responsible shrimp-rice investment project: phase 2 currently in progress. There are three locations (with a total area of 110ha) in three different provinces: Ca Mau, Ben Tre, and Tra Vinh. These locations have all been selected for the pilot phase. The project will work with stakeholders to provide the technical support needed for higher shrimp productivity and quality, with pollution reductions in pollution and land subsidence, increased alluvial sedimentation, responsible application of standards and the creation of value chain links. 

The project is developed by Minh Phu Seafood Corporation in conjunction with stakeholders and the Tan Vuong Food Company Limited to develop value chains, provide technical guidance, enhance capacity for Cooperatives and to develop access to green finance from the Dutch Entrepreneurial Development Bank (FMO).

Read more about the pilot of “Shrimp – rice rotation model” here: link 1link 2.

Other potential projects

Recently, WWF, in collaboration with other experts, Institutes and Universities, has identified a number of potential sectors where investment can be made following the criteria required by the DFCD. Projects for cost-effective irrigation, renewable energy, community management in the clam supply chain, fish – rice farming model, waste treatment and conversion to organic fertilizer for use in aquaculture, and many more innovations are currently under assessment. These projects are also seeking private partnership opportunities for sustainable development chains.