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WWF - Viet Nam: Call for Technical trainer on water-energy audit skills

Posted on 18 March 2021

WWF - Viet Nam: Ref 43.21
WWF Viet Nam is looking for a Technical trainer on water-energy audit skills.
Supervised by:          Textile Program Manager, WWF - Viet Nam
Work location:           Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City
Duration:                    April 2021 to July 2021
Detailed Terms of Reference of the Assignment is attached. 

Essential qualifications, knowledge and expertise:
  • Excellent knowledge and experience of working with Vietnam textile sector in general and sustainability aspect in specific;
  • Proven experience of water-energy audit in textile wet processing facilities
  • Very familiar with the environmental dimension of the textile sector (i.e. water, energy, chemical and waste and wastewater management);
  • Knowledge of water-energy efficient solutions, Best Available Techniques (BATs), Best Environmental Practices (BEPs) and pollution parameters in the textile and garment sector
  • Good working experience at enterprise level, especially textile and garment enterprise;
  • Experience working with research, primary and secondary data collection and other relevant professionals;
  • Writing proficiency in English and Vietnamese languages.
Proposal format
1.   Proposal Cover Letter signed by a person authorised to sign on behalf of the Consultant;
2.   CV & Summary of relevant experience and projects; 
3.   Technical Approach/Proposal for completing the deliverables;
4.   Financial proposal.  
All proposals must clearly indicate the tender reference: “Ref. 43.21: “Technical trainer on water-energy audit skills and be sent via email to:  procurement@wwf.org.vn
The deadline for proposal submission is at 10 AM 7th April 2021.
Questions for TOR clarifications can be sent to procurement@wwf.org.vn no later than 10 AM 27th March 2021.
Late bids will be declared invalid.