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Panda Labs Viet Nam

WWF's innovation program with a focus on accelerating and amplifying emerging technologies and citizen science with positive social and environmental impacts.

How We Work

Big problems often mean big opportunities. We have the mandate to try new things, take risks and experiment with new approaches to how we solve problems and collaborate with new allies.

2020 Viet Nam Moonshot Challenge - Plastics
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In 2020, Panda Labs Viet Nam together with the Oceans practice of WWF-Viet Nam address our Moonshot Challenge of this year: Plastics. Plastic waste/debris management needs the cooperation of all stakeholders from all levels, sectors, localities, organizations, businesses, communities and each citizen; who shall be actively and responsively participate in the implementation process with the support from the whole political system in sharing and cooperation with international organizations and other countries in the region and around the world.

Our Projects

Wishing to achieve the goal of no plastic waste in nature by 2030 worldwide, WWF organized the Plastic Innovation Contest to find feasible models and ideas to increase the rate and efficiency of plastic waste management, treatment and recycling while promoting the reduction of the use of disposable plastic products.

The competition is a professional playground where young passionate people show their intelligence, talent and creativity. This is also a chance for learning, experiencing, connecting to experts in the field of waste management / treatment and business management. 

Panda Labs - WWF's Innovation Program also joins the contest as a technical supporting team. With the aim to deliver high impact towards the community to create and develop environmental innovations, Panda Labs will provide valuable skills and knowledge to the participants.

Inspired to help change the world yet? What are you waiting for? Join us and help spread the word!

Design Thinking Workshop is an activity of Panda Labs Viet Nam for teams and individuals who want to learn tools, approaches, and mindsets of design thinking and apply this method to address the plastic waste issue in Vietnam. 

In May, Panda Labs Viet Nam organized a 5-day training for 12 students at National University of Civil Engineering to introduce design thinking as a new problem solving approach and encouraged students to apply their engineering knowledge in creating models that help address the plastic waste issues in Viet Nam. Through the training, future engineers had the opportunity to learn how to put people at the center of their work, to seek understanding and insight through research and interviews, and experiment with different solutions. 

At the end of the training, students came up with 3 prototypes which are a trash collecting robot, an mobile application that encourages people to exchange used bottles for gifts, and a smart bin recycling plastic bottles lids. Students are currently developing prototypes to join the Plastic Innovation Contest in Phu Quoc this summer.

Litterati is an app that is empowering individuals to make a significant, measurable impact on the environment.
You can join global cleanup challenges as well as create challenges in your community where your friends, family, neighbors, school system, or co-workers can join together to make your area healthy, clean, & beautiful.

Here is how the Litterati app works:

  • Take a photo of each piece of litter that you collect and dispose of
  • Litterati will automatically geo-tag the photo for you
  • LitterAI tool will add tags to each litter photo for you to confirm or change
  • Upload the photos to the Litterati database
  • Track your personal impact as well as the total impact of the Litterati community
Panda Labs Viet Nam is working with the Literati development team to offer consultancy on designing new features on the app. 

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