WWF Vietnam: Consultancy Services to Develop a Plan and Training Material for the Preservation of the River Geomorphological Stability of the Mekong Delta

Posted on 19 May 2021

Tender Ref 57.21 - Request for Proposals for Consultancy Services in RGS Plan
WWF - Viet Nam is looking for a Consultant to develop recommendations out of the plan (and related training materials) for the river geomorphological stability (RGSPlan) of the Mekong Delta and the livelihoods & ecosystems that depend on it, including by specifying the location where sand can be extracted with low risk of erosion under the given hydro-morphological conditions.
Detailed Request for Proposals, Terms of Reference, Proposal Templates, and other supporting references of the Request for Proposals are attached. 

This Request for Proposals is open to international, national, or mixed consortia. The bidders shall submit the bidding dossier in single-stage, two envelopes (one for technical proposal, and one for financial proposal).
Bidders are requested to submit electronic proposals via email in non-modifiable format (PDF). Bidders must observe the following submission instructions:
  • The proposal shall be separated in Two files: 1) for Technical Proposal and Scanned Original Bid Security shall be included in Technical Proposal File; 2) one for Financial Proposal.
  • The file for the financial proposal shall be protected by a password which shall be kept with the bidder. If the company/consultant team passed the technical requirement threshold, WWF-Viet Nam would then request the password to open the financial proposal file. However, if the company loses the password or in case the file could not be opened, WWF-Viet Nam would not assume responsibility.
  • The electronic file shall be in PDF. During clarification, the Contracting Authority can require the sharing of Xcel and MS Word files.
  • The bid proposal needs to be sent to WWF-Viet Nam’s designated mailbox at procurement@wwf.org.vn. Your e-mail must have the subject heading as “Ref 57.21- IKI SMP RGSPLan – (name of consultant submitting)”.
  • The maximum size per email that WWF-Viet Nam can receive is 25MB.
The time limit for sending questions to this tender is: Before May 28th, 2021, 17hrs (ICT)
Responses to questions received prior to the deadline will be furnished to all potential applicants through our Bid Clarification for this Tender posted on WWF Vietnam website before June 3rd, 2021.
Deadline for  Proposals e-submission: June 18th, 2021 17:00 (ICT).
Deadline for Original Bid Security submission to WWF-Vietnam’s address: June 25, 2021.
Only selected candidate(s) will be contacted about the outcome of their tender.