WWF Deutschland: Invitation for Tender - Production of a documentary on the impacts of sand mining and solutions in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta

Posted on June, 06 2023

Ref. P00000134 Documentary
WWF Deutschland is currently implementing the publicly funded project “Drifting sand: Mitigating the impacts of climate change in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta through public and private sector engagement in the sand industry” and intends to contract the following Service: Production of a documentary film and footage on sand extraction in the Mekong Delta.

Agencies are invited to submit an Expression of Interest (EoI) via email along with a relevant portfolio of references for this contract opportunity following the submission process. Before submitting any information, please ensure you have read the instructions below and the Terms of Reference (ToR) in full.
  • Your portfolio should consist of: The company profile; Relevant project references from the last 3 years. EoIs and company's portfolios must be submitted by email no later than Thu, 15 June, 2023, to the following address: Marianne.henkel@wwf.de
  • Your email’s subject needs to be address as “Ref P00000134 Documentary - [name of agency] - Production of a documentary film and footage on sand extraction in the Mekong Delta.”
  • Based on the references submitted, interested organisations will be pre-selected. A briefing session will be held for pre-selected potential bidders on Mon, 19 June 2023 (tentative). 
  • Pre-selected potential bidders shall submit their quote no later Wed, 5 July 2023, 12:00 noon ICT (5:00 am CET). 

The bid should comprise of:
  • A technical offer, setting out a) the proposed approach and timeline, b) the bidder’s fit with the experience and qualifications needed incl. relevant references
  • A financial offer in a separate file detailing the daily rates and the proposed number of working days, as well as any costs associated with obtaining the equipment needed (e.g. rental fees for cameras, drones or sound studio) and any taxes applicable in the expert’s jurisdiction, if these need to be deducted in addition to German VAT (see details in ToR)
  • In the case of a team/consortial offer, a signed declaration of availability of all key experts to be involved in the period of the contract and for the number of days proposed in the financial offer.

In submitting a Quote, the Respondent agrees that their bid will remain open for acceptance by the Buyer for one calendar month from the Deadline for Quotes.